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Medical Intuitives

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Annie Radzus

Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Akashic Records

Phone: 949-447-9300

Annie is a dedicated and passionate about her work. She brings her passion to all that she does, exploring, studying and growing, always a teacher and a student. Dedicated to her client’s empowerment. Best choices, highest wisdom, clear insight is the place she holds with love. She is many things, a Psychic Medium, Akashic Record Advanced Certified Practitioner, and a Trance Channel. Her continuing studies have brought in Shamanic Practitioner and Evolutionary Astrologer all in service of her deep quest to understand the Soul’s Purpose for being here. It is about empowering, informing and shining the light on you and your best choices. She always serves her clients with the utmost integrity. In person, on the phone, at an expo or on the radio Annie delivers her message of perspective and hope with her well-known compassionate candor peppered with a pinch of infectious personality.

She’s known for her uncanny, laser-sharp, intuitive insights – she can bring audiences ranging from private clients, to her classes or her listeners to tears and laughter because it is all healing and hopeful. Annie’s clients include business professionals, entrepreneurs, and other psychic and mediums. She isn’t just an “intuitive” or “coach”, but a powerful navigator – Annie has the ability to weave her strong connection with the Akashic Records to understand and share your Soul’s Blueprint and Soul choices for this life with you. Her prayer and her intent is always to be clear and compassionate. The truth is what serves us all best with moving forward in our lives. She has walked the road of grief and lost and understands her gift of mediumship is a place of healing and love between you and your loved ones. She is grateful for those that she has served and continues to serve with her Heart of a Healer and Wyse Woman.


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Debra Sinclar

Psychic Medium | Clairvoyant | Intuitive | Empath | Medical Intuitive |  Aura reader


Debra is an Advanced Level Professional Psychic Medium Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive with a solid Reputation Internationally for proven specific accuracy in evidential readings. An incredibly strong empath psychic who connects instantly means you are fast assured of a legitimate, true reader. Debs gives empowering and descriptive readings with use all of the Clair-senses, remote viewing, seeing, and feeling the emotions and energy of those both on this side and in the afterlife. Readings that give clear, specific answers & relevant key information. "Throughout your reading, I continually give key points of reference that the client confirms to be accurate and true. These key insights form a valuable part of my reading process and therefore establishes a pure energetic connection between myself, the client and Spirit." Debs is very easy going and relaxed, and has many repeat clients and fantastic reviews, you will enjoy time well sent talking with her.

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