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Welcome to June, 2020

Before the beautiful butterfly can take to flight displaying their colors, patterns, and God's most precious gift of angelic wings... that butterfly has to fight and struggle through the hard cacoon that it spent time going through its transformation.

The transformation from a being that no one pays any attention to.  One that is not particularly considered pleasant.  No one told the caterpillar what it could not do, what it should not do, or what was not possible for it to do.  It just found a comfortable space, weaved a cacoon, and did what was instinctive.  And we love them!  Welcome to PRIDE month.

This month's highlights

Lui Krieg.  Special guest on Spirit Talk Radio, Tuesday, June 30th @ 7:30pm PDT.  See our approaching programs

Workshops:  $19.99.  Great learning opportunity!

Intuitive Tarot, June 6th 

Water Charms June 13th 

Connecting to & Mastering the 7 rays June 20th

All classes are 1pm PDT.  Get more details

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Angel Thacker

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach

Intuitive, Channel

Energy Healer

Connect with Angel

Phone, Chat, Email, Skype, Zoom


Sonic Nova

Psychic Medium,

Energy Healer

Energy Reader


Connect with Sonic

Phone, Email, Skype, Zoom


Tina Ci


Psychic Medium

Reiki Practitioner

Tarot Card Reader

Connect with Tina

Phone & Email



Shelley Hofberg

Tarot Card Reader 

Psychic Medium


Pet Psychic

Connect with Shelley

Phone & Email


Shelly J Miller

Psychic Medium,



Life Coach

Connect with Shelly

Phone & Email


Anthony Parker

Tarot Card Reader

Energy Healer

Reiki Master


EFT Master

Connect with Anthony

Phone, Chat, Email, Skype, Zoom



Guild Radio Recent Highlights

Laurie Wondra

Psychic Medium & Shaman

5/26/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Dr. Barry Friedman

Aditya's Vedic Astrologer

5/23/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Doreen of Fremont Psychic

Psychic & Healer

5/17/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Angel Thacker

Psychic Medium & Life Coach

5/17/20, Holistic Healing Show

Sonic Nova

Multidimensional Coach and Mentor

4/25/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Tina Ci

Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium

4/22/20, Talk with Tina

Shelly J. Miller

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant

4/14/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Shelley Hofberg

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader

4/12/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Pam Heath

The Yes Coach, Life Coach

4/9/20, The Science of Yes

Approaching Events!

Visit our events page for more details about our approaching events

Intuitive Tarot with Shelley Hofberg

6/6/20 @ 1pm $19.99

Water Charms with Sonic Nova

6/13/20 @ 1pm $19.99

Connecting to & mastering the 7 rays with Angel Thacker  6/20/20 @ 1pm $19.99

Crystal Power with Angel Thacker

6/27/20 @ 1pm Free Event

Weekly Angel Card

Our weekly Angel Card is presenting by Angel Thacker 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Angel is pilling from Doreen Virtue's Saints & Angels Oracle Deck

Week of 6/1/20:  Blessings of Abundance.  In this card we see a guardian angel holding a bounty of food goodies with the Divine light shining down on the goodies.  Here the message is that your prayers have been answered and your needs for food, shelter and warmth are met now, tomorrow and more.  You are being asked to remember this and be at peace and thankful.  And consider asking for more than just the basics as you manifest for your life.  Trust & Gratitude

Verified Practitioners

verified Master Practitioners

Practitioners who list on our sites have a variety of gifts, backgrounds, and experience.  We engage, review and approve all listers that are lifted to our Master Practitioner status.  To meet our criteria our members must:


  • Have been working professionally for more than 5 years

  • Are interviewed by a member of our team

  • Interviews include short sample reading

  • Are interviewed by New Age Guild founder Angel

  • Pass a criminal background check



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