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Angel Thacker

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach

Intuitive, Channel

Energy Healer

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Sonic Nova

Psychic Medium,

Energy Healer

Energy Reader


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Tina Ci


Psychic Medium

Reiki Practitioner

Tarot Card Reader

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Pam Heath

The Yes Coach

Manifestation Goddess

Life Coach

Business Coach

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Ivory LaNoue

Angel Channel, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Mentor

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Michelle Gray

Psychic, Medium, Life Coach, Intuitive Coach, Clairvoyant, Wellness, Business Coach

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Debra Sinclair

Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, Medical Intuitive, Aura reader

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Sherry Scott

Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki 

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Carolyn Wilkins

Life Purpose/Soul Readers, psychic medium and sound healer

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Psychic Prophet


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verified Master Practitioners

Practitioners who list on our sites have a variety of gifts, backgrounds, and experience.  We engage, review and approve all listers that are lifted to our Master Practitioner status.  To meet our criteria our members must:


  • Have been working professionally for more than 5 years

  • Are interviewed by a member of our team

  • Interviews include short sample reading

  • Are interviewed by New Age Guild founder Angel

  • Pass a criminal background check



NOVEMBER Featured Practitioner

Verified Practitioners

November, 2020

Love is the answer, peace is the goal

This month on  New Age Spirit Radio!

11/8/20 @ 10am PDT

Michelle Gray, psychic medium Topic;  Psychic Readings    

Tune in: Listen Live

11/10/20 @ 7:30pm PDT

Shelly J Miller, Psychic Medium Topic: Being the Light of Consciousness 

Tune in: Listen Live

11/14/2020 @ 11am PDT

Ivory LaNoue, Angel Channel & Medium.  Topic: Angels & You. 

Tune in: Listen Live

11/15/2020 @ 10am PDT

Carolyn Marie Wilkins, Life Purpose/Soul Readers, Psychic Medium and Sound Healer

Tune in: Listen 

11/17/2020 @ 730pm PDT

Mabel Katz, creator of Zero Frequency

Tune in: Listen Live

11/21/2020 @ 11am PDT

Brandi Moyler., Crystal and Energetic Alchemy    Topic: The World of Crystals and Crystal Alchemy. 

Tune in: Listen

11/22/2020 @ 10am PDT

Carolyn Wilkins.   .  

Tune in: Listen Live

11/24/2020 @ 730pm  PDT


Tune in: Listen Live

11/28/2020 @ 11am PDT

Sonic Nova, psychic medium.   

Tune in: Listen Live

11/29/20 @ 10am  PDT

All readings format featuring many of our talented and high demand practitioners.  2 Hour program!

Tune in: Listen Live

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Paranormal expert

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Pamela Heath

The Yes Coach

8/28/20, Get Healthy & Wise

Kate Blecher 

Certified Hypnotherapist & Heale

8/22/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Sonic Nova

Psychic Medium, Quantum Healer

8/16/20, Spirit Talk Radio

Tina Ci

Tarot Reader & Medium

8/12/20, Talk with Tina

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