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Working with the Tarot Intuitively.  

By Shelley Hofberg

Posted May 27, 2020

A course description by Psychic Intuitive Shelley Hofberg

Shelley Hofberg is a gifted and popular California psychic with her own private practice and her own weekly radio show, The Psychic Horizons Radio Show on Shelley has many tools she uses in her various types of intuitive sessions and readings with her clients. One of them is the tarot deck, which she also teaches others how to use.


Tarot symbolism is deeply rooted in Medieval and Renaissance Europe and originated in northern Italy in the late 14 century. The tarot was first used as a game in Italy and France, then later became a divination tool in France and England. The Golden Dawn occult society, taught the occult arts in the 18th century, mostly in England. Were one of the first esoteric schools to value the mystical meaning in tarot symbolism. It is believed that the spiritual wisdom of the tarot came from the collective consciousness of people, the ancient kabbalah teachings, and from divination derived from numerology and astrology. The tarot is a tool for your own personal transformation and psychic, intuitive insight. One can use tarot cards and their imagery, to gain symbolic meaning. One can glean meaning from the universal pictures and symbols on the cards.


When you play with the tarot and unlock the symbolic meaning of the universal symbols of the tarot, you will understand the language of their images that translate through your subconscious mind. The tarot is composed of 78 cards that contain powerful imagery with deep wisdom.


The tarot is divided into two parts the Minor and Major Arcana within the deck of cards. The Minor Arcana comes from modern playing cards. It is composed of 56 cards that are divided into four suits. The suit of Cups represents relationships and emotions. The suit of Wands represents actions and business. The suit of Pentacles represents material concerns and the manifestation of creative ideas. The suit of Swords represents conflicts. Each of the four suits represents lessons that need to be learned by the person asking for guidance from the imagery presented. The symbols on the cards represent the experiences of mankind. There are four court cards ascending in order: The Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Page is a younger person represented by a child learning life lessons. The Knight is someone in there 30’s, who represents acting out various life lessons to learn from. The Queen and King are representations of more mature people, who are accomplished and have achieved success.


As mentioned earlier, both the Minor and Major Arcana tarot cards are linked to astrology and numerology. The key to understanding the meaning of the tarot can also be discovered through numbers. Each number on a card expresses an esoteric meaning. The numbers of the Minor Arcana are the tools used to help us gain a greater awareness about our life lessons. 

The numbers of each of the suits are 1-10. The Major Arcana is composed of 22 cards that contain archetypes and symbols, which are both intuitive and spiritual in nature. The Major Arcana ranges from the ‘fool’ to ‘the world’ card. The Major Arcana can reveal life experiences and important upcoming events in our life. The Major Arcana which has been linked to astrology contains esoteric knowledge. The astrological symbols of the tarot can reveal many insights about our human experiences and our spiritual nature. The Major Arcana also corresponds to either a planet or astrological sun sign that will provide deeper insights from those associated symbols.


In a tarot reading with Shelley Hofberg, you will gain clarity about your present situation and become aware of greater possibilities for your future.

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