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Welcome to June 2020

By Angel Thacker

Posted June 3, 2020

pride month.jpg

And you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'

- Bob Dylan


Before the beautiful butterfly can take to flight displaying their colors, patterns, and God's most precious gift of angelic wings... that butterfly has to fight and struggle through the hard cocoon that it spent time in going through its transformation. The transformation from a being that creature that no one pays any attention to.  One that is not particularly considered pleasant.  No one told the caterpillar what it could not do, what it should not do, or what was not possible for it to do.  It just found a comfortable space, weaved its cocoon, and did what was instinctive.  And we love them!  Welcome to PRIDE month.

It's so poignant to me that we are struggling with some real social issues as we step into pride month this year.  A month where we celebrate diversity in our communities by giving the LGBT community the spotlight to truly express their life's why.  As I prepared for the monthly newsletter I thought about William Shakespeare.  He wrote some of the most memorable plays in history and his work is still a very important part of an actor's training to this day.  Shakespeare was an influencer in the Elizabethan era, a time when women were not allowed to perform on stage.  What many people don't know is that, because of no women to pull from, the female roles were portrayed by male actors.  For many, this was the only way they could express themselves in the way they truly desired.  In short, hiding behind a societal process to step into who they were deep in their heart and soul.  


Shakespearean actors dress for the part.  Source: The Evolution Of The Art Of Drag In 33 Stunning, Historical Images

By Bernadette Deron

There are many examples in history where men, and women, have folded into society, expressing themselves in the shadows because society did not recognize their true selves as individuals.  Unable to walk in the light of day as who they were at their core.  It's difficult for most people to understand what it means to weave through life pretending to be what you're not so you can blend in and avoid calling attention to yourself.  To avoid being abused, beaten, or even killed because of whom you are by pretending you are not what you are.  It was the Stonewall Riots in 1969 that marked a turning point for the LGBT community.  These days were filled with much of the same violence and rage we see in our streets today.  And they changed the conversation and changed society (Stonewall Riots overview from The History Channel >> 


After many brave and amazing men and women took a stand, years later we have a wave of fabulous men daring to glam up and strut with true pride.  So we went from men acting dressed as women as "necessity" to Rupal - in only  500 years.  It occurs to me that the transformation process takes much longer for we humans than for the butterfly.


If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

- Rupaul

500 years is a long time to fight, right?   Something to think about.  History points to the start of slavery in America to be 1619 (The History Channel >>>  It would be scary to think that it would take another 100 years to change the story for Black Americans.  If you are like me and are a human on a journey of spiritual transformation you have to wish for everyone to have the ability to create that joyous life of freedom and transformation.  A life where they have the same rights to pursue the happiness that we are told we have the inalienable right to claim.  These are conversations but I feel we have to have them in order to open the door to evolution.  For its impossible for us to have evolution without revolution.  

So is this revolution?

On May 25th George Floyd was killed as the world watched.  A Black man going about his day not anticipating the day would go the way it did.  Not knowing that he would be facing being treated as less than human because he was a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This was hard for me to watch and the aftermath has been extremely difficult to process.  There was no valid reason for the level of response from law enforcement, even if he did commit any of the crimes that he was suspected of.  And this is what we have to work through.  It's not humane.  It's not what is done in a society connected to Spirit and committed to equal rights for all.  It's not acceptable.  Revolution is the cry a society gives when the people feel trapped in a world without freedom and the rights of the common human.  We have lived through revolution before, it is what we built our nation on - and we're proud of it.  As Americans, we often forget that we aren't the only nation that has fought for freedom.  History is filled with nations rising up against their governments or leaders to put an end to tyranny, criminal behavior, and abuse of powers.  People struggling to have what we take for granted and yet we have people that live in our nation that feel that our leaders and police demonstrate an abuse of power, criminal behavior and leave them feeling the hand of tyranny.  Yet we have done nothing to take real action to change, to be the voice of true freedom in the world, and to show leadership to a world filled with people crying for freedom and equality.  

Black Lives Matter

You don't have to agree with everything that is said in the protests and statements made by the Black Lives Matter movement.  You just are being asked to listen to the message from a community that has been disenfranchised for centuries. 

disenfranchised: deprive (someone) of the rights and privileges of a free inhabitant of a borough, city, or country

    ~ Webster's Dictionary

We have to take a stand, each and every one of us across the planet.  We have to take stand for what we are not going to take anymore.  We have to take a stand for how we are going to show up when wrong is done to any of our global citizens regardless of their color, religion, beliefs, or economic condition.  And we have to stop the systematic profiling of Black Americans resulting in an assumption of guilt from our law enforcement.  And we have to stop the killing. I am not condoning the violence and looting, it boggles the mind that our country is locked is this incredible moment. I do have to recognize that people are listening now.  That the world is listening now.  The question I ask is how is this going to end?  If we want true change, it has to be different.  This time, the result has to be different.  Justice has to come for the life that was lost and change has to come to help keep this from happening again.

So here we are, sitting at a moment in history where we have the opportunity to be a part of a real movement.  So how can we contribute as lightworkers and those on the journey of spiritual transformation?  Here are a few things we can each do:

  1. Be connected to the Divine each day.  Create your connection and be in a space of Spirit to help bring the Divine forces into our world to support us.  The more of us that make time for this connection the stronger support we have access to

  2. Raise your vibration to a joyous and loving vibration.  Use the energies of joy and love to lift your vibration each morning and stay there.  Let everyone who engages with you feel that vibration and be infectious

  3. Exercise your listening muscles.  There is a community of people that have never felt heard.  Now is not the time to argue and debate with them, now is the time to listen and give them the loving ear of a friend

  4. Love and peace for our planet.  Take time each day to meditate, pray, or be in stillness.  Take a few moments each day to be connected to Spirit and ask for calming love and peace for the community.  Use a healing color, like blue, green or pink and call in the Masters, the Divine, Jesus or the Arch Angels and ask for them to help heal and support using your loving words, a psalm or whatever you are most comfortable with

  5. Two minutes each of gratitude, forgiveness, and release for the community and for you

  6. Ask for the nation to be surrounded by the loving golden ray from the Divine

  7. Contribute your energy to a charitable organization that helps bring the community together.  Time is needed just as much as money.  Get involved and be a part of the change.

Bob Dylan had it right, times are a-changin'.  We are on the verge of that moment of transformation.  Don't be afraid to talk about the issues that we struggle with within our society.  Jesus started a revolution some 2000 years ago by giving his blood so that we could see the power of love.  And he transformed the world.  Will we miss this opportunity to evolve and transform the world.  How will history remember us?

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