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By Angel Thacker

Posted May 5, 2020

Some poetic thoughts on trust ~ ~

When in doubt about what there is to do in our life, what there is to do is trust.

When you are afraid of the unknown, what there is to do is trust.

When you face your deepest fears, what there is to do is trust.

When you embark on a new journey, what there is to do is trust.

Trust is the hardest thing for us to do today.  I have observed that, in today’s community, we give our trust so much more hesitantly than we used to.  I find myself being the older individual looking upon the up and coming generation has many words of wisdom about trust but (as we did when I was a part of the up and coming generation) the words lay on deaf ears.  You have a choice; to trust or not to trust.


If we don’t trust

We are not held accountable for the outcome, whether good or bad

We do not have to do the work that it would take to move forward in a new direction

We are able to stay in the space we are currently in and do not have to grow and evolve

We don’t have to admit that we may be wrong about a particular individual or situation

If we trust


Take a moment to consider this;

What harm would it do for you to take a moment and trust in the greater wisdom of The Divine to trust?  To trust that the events and situations you are going through in your life at this moment are for your greater good.  That you are moving forward in the direction you have asked.  Or perhaps you are looking for a change and have not had the courage to take the next step, so the road is prepared for you.  And believe that the end result will be for your greater good.

Take a moment to meditate and contemplate around the subject of trust today.  Ask for guidance and comfort around trust and see what comes to inspire you.

Blessings and love to you!

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