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Working with the Tarot Intuitively.  

By Shelley Hofberg

Posted June 28, 2020

The Gatekeeper of Inner Mysteries

By: Psychic Medium Shelley Hofberg

Edited by Hypnotherapist Aura Walker MA CHt.


A psychic is the gatekeeper of the inner mysteries that are waiting to be discovered. For centuries ancient civilizations have used psychics as a source to connect to innate psychic abilities and open the portals to the spirit world. In these modern times there are many psychics to choose from to predict the future and recall your past lives and receive channel messages from spirit guilds and angles. Psychics can use their power of intuition tap into your psychic senses of clairvoyant seeing image, pictures and colors. Clairsentient messages, receiving psychic feeling. Clairaudient messages, or hearing the voice of spirit guides and angels and Clair-cognizance, or having a strong sense of knowing. 


A Clairvoyant is a visionary psychic who has clear visions about possible upcoming event in the future, what is going on in the present and of a past life This can occur when the third eye chakra is open. When you learn to open your center of clairvoyant visions you will have an inner wisdom about the sacred language of psychic symbolism and images. Psychic symbolism is the process of interpreting the image and pictures you see within your mind’s eye during a clairvoyant reading A Claircognizant psychic is a seeker of knowledge. Clair-cognizance is the process of psychic knowing. You have and awareness of the psychic information that is coming though you. Psychic knowing can occur though the chakras and your keen psychic senses of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. You will have a sense of the future or a past life that can be recalled. This can occur though the third eye chakra reading . 


A Clairsentient is a psychic of the heart. A Clairsentient has Clair-empathy. They are someone who has a deep inner knowing that comes from their inner psychic feelings. When you learn to open your center of feeling you will be able to sense them empathically. This can occur when the heart chakra is open. 


A clairaudient has a direct psychic channel for the center for psychic hearing. They listen to the voice of their inner psychic hearing from your angels and spirit guides that occur when the throat chakra is open. Our psychic senses can be used to access information though other types of psychic reading. 


One of the most popular types of psychic reading are the tarot and oracle cards. Oracle cards and tarot cards have many different images and symbols that come from many types of occult study, metaphysical and philosophy and religions. They do not have the same meaning as the tarot cards and do have different number of cards. Oracles cards and tarot cards may be used for meditation and divination purposes. To interpret the oracle cards, use your psychic intuition. They can also be used as a channeling tool to connect with your guides or angels. 


Other types of readers are Mediums and Angele Readers. A medium is a psychic who is the bridge between

this world and the spirit world. When the springs of higher consciousness flow through you, you can channel the spiritual guidance of your spirit guides. As a link between both worlds a medium can access messages from your spirit guides.


 An Angle Reader can open the portal to the angelic realms in order to communicate with your guardian angels .They can tell you who your personal guardians angel is. There are psychics that have the ability to communicate with animals. An animal psychic can communicate what it is your pets want you to know about them. The Animal communication process is a form of telepathy which is the transfer of thoughts from the pet mind to that of the psychic. The animal psychic can also receive pictures and images that can be interpreted for the client. 


Some psychics receive predictions about what is going to happen in the future other can recall past lives. A past life reader can tap into the past life to bring back the knowledge of out soul to shed light on are present karma situation. They will connect with the higher consciousness to reveal knowledge of our past live experiences. 


To learn more about all these different gifts you may have yourself, contact Shelley Hofberg 

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