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Tarot Card Readers


Intuitive | Psychic Medium |Reiki Practitioner |Tarot Card Reader


My gift of psychic insight through the use of tarot will address matters of romance, employment, relationships, business, and finance. Conversations with me will allow you to speak freely regarding sensitive and private issues and overall concerns. Other times, a General Reading may confirm you are indeed on your own just and true path. My purpose, mission, and commitment are to support you by providing clarity and insight - no question is too direct, sensitive or complicated. For an Instant Reading, click the "Talk Live" link on New Age Guild's home page, listen and call into my weekly Podcast, "Talking with Tina" on New Age Spirit Radio, and stay tuned for online "Know Tarot" workshops. To learn more about me, visit my webpage or search my social media handle: iHearTarot For any good Reading (not just with me), it is important that you come to the call open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable. Trust your questions and what you would like to create in your life. Your life's journey is not a series of yes and no questions – it is a matter of open to taking time to ask about your life. Though my gifts are offered to support, the messages intended for you will not be received clearly if you are hesitant to share, or expect me (or any Reader) to "tell you all about you". I know it is difficult to explain your fears to a perfect stranger, but on the same note, it may just as easy. Trust yourself. Think of the Cards / Intuition / etc., as an actual being. Yes, you can gain a lot of insight just by observing, though there is so much to be learned by interaction. A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I have been reading Tarot for nearly 11 years and for every reading, I request that Source allows me to be a clear and open channel to messages of light and love. Because I am an Empath and a Psychic Medium, each reading is exclusive to you. I am attuned for Reiki I, II and III (ART) as well as a Karuna Reiki I and have several years of experience in performing this form of energy healing on friends and clients. After being attuned, I was drawn to reading Tarot and began immediately working with family and friends. Using my Rider-Waite deck most often and under the handle iHearTarot, I post General Readings, Live Sessions and Relevant Readings. I have meditated under the direction of Brian L Weiss MD (author of Many Lives Many Masters) and am a current student of palmistry. ** Please be in a place free of distraction for our call and know it is my place to judge, only to support. Please direct specific questions regarding health, finances and legal matters to those trained in their respective fields. **


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