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Solarzar Dellaporta (Magic-4-Life LLC)

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Solarzar is a full-time mystery performer, based in California, USA.


  • Although he explored the mystery arts beginning at the age of 8, his turning point occurred at the age of 16 when a Gypsy Caulbearer told him that he should be doing this work..

  • Along with his mind reading and hypnosis demonstrations, he offers personal readings using palmistry, numerology, astrology and tarot.

  • A lifelong learner, his metaphysical studies have been continuous. He shares what he has learned through his radio shows Good Vibrations Radio® and Solarzar's Metaphysical Musings.

  • A Master Trainer and award-winning Speaker he offers a variety of Metaphysical presentations as well as corporate presentations on Leadership, Customer Service and Communication incorporating mind reading and magic.

  • As an ordained minister with the title Doctor of Divinity, he includes spirituality into all that he does.

Classes/workshops offered (details: days, times, locations) Solarzar offers a variety of presentations, as well as recurring events through the year including the Quarterly Previews and the ROTA Psychic Fair.



Lisa has been a student of metaphysics for over 27 years. She has learned how to apply these ancient principles to modern life using the Law of Attraction. In 2002, Lisa had a near death experience where she met and conversed with spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones.


She returned from her sojourn on the other side with great messages for humanity regarding Earth changes and the ascension.  Lisa is a member and initiate of Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross, American Federation of Human Rights Co-Masonry and American Tarot Association.

She is also the founding organizer of the Litha Fair in Santa Cruz, CA.


Lisa Giles Nystedt

Clairvoyant | Intuitive Life Coach | Reiki Practitioner | Tarot Card Reader

Phone: 831-818-7300




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