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Advertise with the New Age Guild

How To Submit

Below are the instructions for submitting your ad.  Please review all technical specs to ensure no delays in your ad displaying.  Invoices are sent once the submitter (you) has confirmed the program that works for them.  Payments are at the start of your ad campaign.  Please allow time for your ads to post.  The advertiser is responsible for all product & service liability.  The advertiser is responsible for spelling and grammar errors in ads.

Graphic Ads

Please make sure you have reviewed the ad specifications to ensure your ads meet our specifications prior to submitting them.   To submit please attach your file to  Specify the ad program you are interested in.

If you need assistance with your ad design, send artwork, specify in the email you need for assistance.  The design fee is $60/hour.

Text Ads

The text limit is 30 words.  Please send the text to 

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