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I am a medium, channel and intuitive life coach and my mission in life is to help individuals find their passions in life and leap forward into abundant prosperity in all areas of their lives. 


I work with my clients on multiple levels.  Connecting to the ascended masters, guides, guardian angels and The Divine and am focused on being as direct and straightforward as possible to bring you clarity.  I have been through enough in my personal life to understand that it is important to cut to the chase when looking for direction.  I have lost loves ones, been lost in my career and have even survived a near-death illness.  I take my work very seriously and am very passionate about being a life preserver and beacon of light to take you to your life's path to success. 


Passionate about Spiritual Transformation


Connecting to the universal spiritual energies as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds to communicate, heal and deliver messages.  

I consider myself an Oracle.  I pride myself in being someone who brings my clients the keys to taking the proper actions to get what they are looking for in all areas of their lives.  Your connection to the masters, your ancestors and so much more than you may not realize you have access to.  Love, Career, Home, Family… in all areas. 


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