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Through the decades of doing readings and healing, my angels have guided me to focus on angelic work. The primary service I provide is introducing people to their angels and guides, telling them their names, appearances and personal messages for them. I teach my clients how to see, feel and hear their angels/guides so they may better utilize the beautiful direction being given to them. Also, I do a lot of psychic readings, spiritual counseling, mediumship, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), and mentoring. My mentoring focuses on helping people develop their spiritual gifts (psychic, mediumship, empath, angel channel) to their highest potential. I also offer mentoring for women healing from trauma. You can choose a 60 minute class or arrange a full course toward certification in a specific area. My style is warm, down-to-earth, caring, professional and intelligent. I'm known for highly accurate timelines and psychic insights. If you would like to get a better feel for me as a reader, watch my videos on YouTube on the Sedona Soul Sisters channel. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrdFm41cK4h-9VxMsKtuPA/videos I am the owner of Sedona Soul Sisters in Sedona, Arizona. It is a metaphysical and healing center. My sessions are done in person, by phone, Facetime or Skype. Classes are done in person or via Zoom. Visit my website to learn more about me and my services. www.IvoryAngelicMedium.com

Sarah Ward | Love | sarah.hyder.ward@gmail.com | 603-969-7885

Matthew Brandau | Psychic Readings | Brandau@protonmail.comwww@psychic.red

Debra is an Advanced Level Professional Psychic Medium Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive with a solid Reputation Internationally for proven specific accuracy in evidential readings. An incredibly strong empath psychic who connects instantly means you are fast assured of a legitimate, true reader. Debs gives empowering and descriptive readings with use all of the Clair-senses, remote viewing, seeing and feeling the emotions and energy of those both on this side and in the afterlife. Readings that give clear, specific answers & relevant key information. "Throughout your reading I continually give key points of reference that the client confirms to be accurate and true. These key insights form a valuable part of my reading process and therefore establishes a pure energetic connection between myself, the client and Spirit." Debs is very easy going and relaxed, and has many repeat clients and fantastic reviews, you will enjoy time well sent talking with her.


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