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Delight, Play, and a ministry dedicated to joyously opening to Spirit's Invitation of founding minister of Blossoming Truth Global Ministries-an Interfaith and Religious Science Minister. She serves as the Rev Verona Garland is an Emerson Theological credentialed Transformation; Chaplain at Authenticity
Journey of Renewal-a focus ministry of Centers for Spiritual
Living, and licensed Practitioner at OaklandCSL.
Rev Verona facilitates classes, workshops, spiritual
exploration and global cultural learning. Her speaking includes:


The Lighthouse Center for Spiritual Living , The Gathering,
Pleasant Hill Enlightenment Fair, Unity Center for Inspired
Living, 1st Church of Religious Science Vallejo, Corinthian
Baptist Church, and Oakland Center for Spiritual Living.
Rev Verona's effervescent enthusiasm is sourced in her

desire to bud, blossom, and bloom in Spirit. She serves
playfully, boldly, wondrously, and joyously opening to the
within each and every Expression of the


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