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Welcome to the New Age Guild

Our mission is to create a place where all practitioners have access to an affordable and meaningful directory that can help them build their business on a global platform. 

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Spirit Talk Radio is attracting more guests with big media exposure!  We are thrilled with the new exposure our humble radio has received from big players in the industry.  This month our guests include; 


Master Mingtong Gu.  America’s Leading Authority and Guide to “Wisdom Healing Qigong”,  

Rebecca Thompson, is an experienced speaker, writer, consultant, facilitator and coach with more than 30 years in the manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare industries

Dr. Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka, authors of The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life: The 13 Golden Pearls Within.

Douglas Vermeeren filmmaker and producer.  He will be presenting his film How Thoughts Become Things

This is going to be a power month on Spirit Talk Radio.  We invite you to tune in.  Please follow our program and share with your friends and loved ones!

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1.  List as a practitioner


As a listed practitioner you have the benefit of listing on up to 5 categories that highlight your skills and expertise.  Your listing includes a detailed bio, website, social media, and contact information.  You are invited to add client testimonials, sample video clips, and other elements to help site visitors get to know you and how you can help them get what they're looking for.


2.  Participate in free and paid events


We offer events each month for our community to attend.  Both free and cost events are offered, (practitioners receive a split on the participation of paid events).  Examples of events; workshops, seminars, reading circles, healing circles, workouts, and more.


3.  Be featured on radio podcasts


Our Guild Radio is one of the most popular areas of our portal with hundreds of thousands of individuals either listening live or coming back to listen on demand.  Our Spirt Talk Radio format has been broadcasting for 4 years and is featured on the web's most popular podcast platforms, including BlogTalk Radio, iTunes, Radio Public & Player fm


4.  Write articles 


Articles focused on any subject that sparks our practitioners and interests the community.  Our members are invited to write as many articles as often as they wish to highlight their business and process.  Our team works to market and backlink articles, creating our members as subject matter experts.


5.  Be featured on our TV formatted programs


Members are invited to be a part of our internet TV formatted platform giving our community entertainment, support, information, and more.  From interviews, sample readings, workshops, information ~ our goal is to give our visitors engaging content that will cause them to keep coming back for more!


6.  Contribute to our mailing list freebies!


One of the ways we add to our mailing list community is by offering gifts for joining.  Our members are invited to contribute to the offerings, adding to their visibility, credibility and brand.


7.  Participate in our social media


Members are invited to post and contribute to our social campaigns.  This sometimes can even include live events!


8.  Contribute to content