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Become a member of the New Age Guild Family!

Join the New Age Guild

Join the New Age Guild and be a part of the evolution of spiritual transformation.  Here at the New Age Guild, we work with all our practitioners to provide as much information, entertainment, and support for our visitors as we can.  All our listed practitioners are welcome to be as involved as they wish and all our practitioners are invited to be involved in every area that we provide.

There are endless numbers of directories and membership sites for you to select from and then some of them can be up to $300 a month to list with no guarantee of results.  What you aren’t told is what is done in the background to help you build your presence.  Here we do more than just list your site.  We also give support to grow your business and presence.  We have one listing option and bring our practitioners on as premier and verified members so that they are a part of our family and we have trust and commitment to their success.  


To submit your listing you must:

  • Submit your real name (a nickname or professional handle can be used on your listing, we need your real name on record)

  • Have a professional website

  • Have social media presence

  • Have a confirmed image of yourself (if appropriate)

  • Work in the light, no dark energy work in their offerings


For our verified premier practitioner listings you will be interviewed by members of the team and submit for a criminal background check.


**Setup Fees: This fee is our technical fee for setting up the listing(s) and the background check.  - $25.  This is also our rate to make updates or changes to your content.

Benefits of listing!

Our mission is to create a place where all practitioners have access to an affordable and meaningful directory that can help them build their business on a global platform. 

As a member of the New Age Guild, you currently have 8 ways you can engage with the community to increase your visibility, show off your skills, demonstrate your knowledge and sell your goods and services.

Join the New age Guild


Benefits of membership:

  • Listing on the website as a verified master practitioner/artisan

  • Access to our live call-in option at a 75% payout rate

  • 1 Radio appearance a month

  • Unlimited pre-recorded appearances a month

  • Up to 10 events and product advertising in our monthly social media and email campaigns

  • Free registration as a speaker or attendee to our premier summits and events (Destination Transformation, Summit of Love, Messages from Mother, etc.)

  • Free registration to our monthly business masterclasses

  • Article submission for our podcast news blog


We invite you to step in and be a part of a unique and truly transformational community.  Become a member of the New Age Guild and be a true resource for spiritual evolution.

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