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Independent Sales Representative - Advertising Community Ambassador

Must be 18 years or older

As a member of the New Age Guild team the advertising community ambassador connects advertisers, producers and sponsors to the website.  As a member of the team you are your own business owner.  Being your own boss and working at your own pace in the community, your home or office! 

Article Citation: Donna Woodwell, “Seeking the Seekers - Discovering the New Age Marketplace”, Kepler College Online.


"Clients for our holistic businesses fall into what marketers call the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) demographic. LOHAS consumers are searching for alternatives that focus on health and personal development, the environment and social justice. In 2008, the US LOHAS market accounted for 41 million adults (19%), with a total market value of goods and services of approximately $209 billion in 2007.

LOHAS consumers, called “cultural creatives,” by author Paul H. Ray, tend to see the interconnectedness of life and world events and “demand products of equal quality that are also virtuous.” According to a website dedicated to the LOHAS market...Members of this demographic are willing to spend their time and money on solutions to increase their quality of life.

Overall, more than 62% of Americans in 2002 used some “alternative” approach to health, including those who employed prayer and/or positive thinking to improve their personal health.  Studies have also shown that the market for “new age” and “metaphysical” subjects is increasing, especially among younger demographics. According to a 2003 Harris poll:

  • 51% of the public, including 58% of women, and 65% of those aged 25 to 29 but only 27% of those aged 65 and over believe in ghosts.

  • 31% of the public believes in astrology including 36% of women and 43% of those aged 25 to 29 but only 17% of people aged 65 and over, and 25% of men.

  • 27% believe in reincarnation, that they were once another person. This includes 40% of people aged 25 to 29 but only 14% of people aged 65 and over."


Business owners, event producers, practitioners and organizations will benefit from advertising on the New Age Guild in two ways. 1) By having their promotion made visible to the many site visitors we receive each month and 2) By having their promotion visible to our members only content - meaning viewed by working professionals in the many new age categories we list on the website.   

What you have behind you as our Advertising Ambassador!

  • A team constantly working each month to bring relevant content to the site with the purpose of building content to drive traffic to the site and bring potential clients to our members

  • A sales team constantly working to bring more practitioners and business owners to the website to participate and increase website content

  • Our full advertising monthly campaigns which include: social media marketing, Google Adwords, event advertising & partnerships and more!

  • Monthly statistical information to share with potential advertisers

  • Our founder working diligently to bring more media and public attention to the site so that you have a viable and credible site to represent to potential members

  • Access to the founder for calls, connections and networking


Although this is an independent sales position there is no investment required on your end to get started. No kits, products, programs or media for you to purchase.  Nor will you be asked to subscribe in any monthly or annual fees.  Your primary focus will be building selling advertising space our website and multimedia tools.

Our advertising sales compensation plan is very easy to calculate:

  • You received 30% of the initial investment on an advertising program

  • If you are a practitioner, business owner or event you will receive one (1) prime placement ad per month - while you are actively selling.

  • Once your gross sales reach $50, you will qualify to receive personalized New Age Guild business cards so that you can connect to your local community through events, networking, etc.

  • As your grow your member base, you will have access to purchase banners, posters and other media to attend local events to help grow your business.

  • Our top sales team members are invited to attend guild sponsored and produced events to assist with presenting the site throughout the community.


Why join our sales team?

When you make the decision to join the New Age Guild team you are deciding to add yourself to a family that is passionate about bringing a fire to building a new renaissance of all things New Age.

With hundreds of thousands of new age practitioners, businesses and products entering he channels each year, there are no limitations to the opportunity to build business selling New Age Guild site memberships.  Metaphysics, new age and paranormal content is becoming more accepted in the main stream media as television programming features reality, dramatic and comedy content each year. 

You can make $900+ in your first 3 months working your own times by using your email, attending local events and reaching out to local, national and international practitioners.  


When accepted on the team our fonder will support you with a start up kit that will include:

  • Welcome letter that will have a summary of the website benefits

  • Demographic breakdown for our; radio show, website and listing practitioners

  • Map of our standard monthly marketing campaigns

  • Sample email and phone scripts to assist you with getting started

  • Compensation calculator that will help you establish your goals

  • Fast track calculator to help you build fast momentum

This is a fantastic opportunity for:

  • the new age enthusiast who is looking to enhance their income

  • the new age practitioner who works from home and would like innovative ways to bring more connectivity to the community

  • an experienced sales professional with passion for the new age community and would like to earn some additional income.

  • event producer who is looking for platforms to advertise & network their event and would like to earn some additional income.

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