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Crystal Power: Amplifying intent and healing using crystals

By Angel Thacker

Posted April 27, 2020

Crystals are powerful and beautiful tools to aid you with your spiritual practice.  Whether using them in meditation, grounding, healing, gazing, or touching, these gifts from nature are invaluable items for your toolbox as you complete your journey of spiritual transformation.

There are so many ways to use crystals and even more crystals to select from.  I am going to share with you my 5 favorite crystals to use, some ways you can use them and key methods to take care of your crystals so they can take care of you.  In addition to information, I will also share a few resources to you so that you can build your collection of crystals in a way to support your personal growth goals.


I have been a practicing intuitive advisor and energy healing for more than 25 years and crystals have been a major part of how I facilitate services for my clients as well as how I support myself -  body mind and spirit.  These non-precious gems from the earth have powerful qualities that provide for us by connecting us in spirit to the energies of the earth, the universe, and the Divine source.  And they are beautiful reminders of how simple and beautiful nature can be.  Having crystals around you can shift your energy and make your space lovely and welcoming.


I prescribe crystals for my clients to use for a variety of reasons, the top focuses being; 


protection, focus, manifestation, healing, love, creativity, 



You don't need to have deep knowledge or training to use crystals.  You just need some basic knowledge, intent, and focused effort.  These are my favorite 5 crystals to work with for most of the areas I see in my work with my clients. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is often referred to as the most powerful crystal.  Its qualities include being an amplifier of spiritual energy.   Giving you the ability to focus your intention when working on creating and manifesting.  It also provides protection from negativity and dark energies.  

Quartz crystals are ideal companions for meditation and space clearing activities.  I like to have them with me when running through a sage clearing session.  They are also amazing for crystal gazing.  


Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is known as the love crystal or the stone of universal love.  Pictured to the right is my Queen Rose, she is my personal rose quartz obelisk, about 20 inches high.  I work with healing and opening my clients to love and she is amazing!  These crystals are used to open, access, heal, clarify, and clear all areas of love.  Self-love, friendship, and romantic love.  I use them when helping heal through grief as well.  


Amethyst is the tranquility crystal.  It is believed to ease stress, help with relaxation, calm anxiety, relieve anger, remove negativity, and give relief to depression and sadness.  This crystal is also looked to for aiding with opening intuition and psychic abilities.  With everything we are wrestling within our communities these days, this stone is a true requirement for the crystal enthusiast and anyone looking to calm and support positivity.  I use these to help intuitives and psychic newcomers access and develop their skills.




Selenite is known as the calming crystal.  It assists insight, inner peace, assists with clearing distraction and fog to help bring more clarity to the issue at hand.  A great meditation companion for the individual doing transformational spiritual work.  I use this crystal to help calm space and people when there is chaos or confusion in their life.  I had a friend that is an animal communicator that had me use my selenite wand to help calm my new kitten as he is settling in his new home.  It worked wonders!  


I call citrine the creativity stone.  Among its key attributes, this stone is known for activating creativity and inspiring self-expression.  It is a perfect companion for any artist, student, teachers, builder.  Anyone who has to access their creative mind for a process, business, or for fun.  I love to gives these to you students for placement in their study area to help focus and expand their creativity.  It also enhances emotional balance.  Great for helping relieve hormonal imbalances.


Working with your crystals


There are so many ways you can work with your crystals.  I have some rather large crystals and have used them in groups and circles as energy centers.  Although this is a specific process that is connected to the healing work I do, all of us are able to use crystals to create support for whatever we are focused on achieving.  Think of your crystals as amplifiers.  They will help you to increase and focus your intent as you complete your work.  


Movement and drum session with rose & clear quartz 


There are many ways to work with your crystals, here are some of the most common uses that can help you build results in your process.

~ Hold the crystal while in meditation.  The crystal can aid your process by giving you focus, amplifying your intent, and pulling in healing and support based on the attributes of the crystal.

~ Place crystals on your altars and sacred spaces.  Crystals are beautiful and boosters of energy.  If you have a specific focus in your life that crystals can help boost, altar placement is ideal.  They give your altar beauty and give you that crystal energy love.

~ Carry or wear crystals in your everyday life.  If you need to have that extra support or just love the crystal, wearing or carrying them is ideal.  Charms and necklaces over support the heart chakra.  Prayer bead wrist bands help with spirituality.  And you can take these support tools with you wherever you go.

~ Build a crystal grid.  These are spectacular tools (and art pieces) that combine the attributes of multiple crystals in a specific and sacred geometrical pattern to help us with a need or transformational focus.  These are fun projects that I recommend finding patterns to work with if you haven't build a grid before.


~ Decorate your living space.  You can't argue with the beauty of crystals.  They are lovely, energetic, and here to help you.  They can help you work through what you need while making your space more welcoming and creative.

Crystal grid (embracing you) by Crystal Life Technology

Caring for your crystals


Caring for crystals is very simple for they are very resilient.  Remember, they come from the earth. 


Cleaning and clearing

If you use your crystals regularly you will need to clear them so that you are not focusing through the filter of whatever you may have been working through in your life.  If you are a practitioner that uses your crystals in your work, you will need to clear the energies they picked up as your partner in ministering to your clients.  I'm not a fan of special oils, washes, and cloths to clean the crystals we work with.  The reality is, the best ways to clean crystals are with water and the light of the sun.  I've pictured a few of my personal crystals drying in the sun after a rinsing down.  

Crystals bathing in the sun

There are some practitioners and enthusiasts that have a ritual with clearing and cleaning their crystals.  I love it for you should give your crystals what they give you.  Love and support.  Can you clear your crystals in the moonlight"  I know people who have their clearing rituals in the moonlight rather than sunlight as part of their practice and beliefs.  This is also a great method, for - after all - moonlight is reflected sunlight. When you get a new crystal at a book store, gem show, or are gifted a crystal you will need to take the time to clear it so that you can release the energies it came to you with and create your own bond with the crystal. 

Charging or activating

This is really a process of intent.  Once your crystal has been clean & cleared you can activate it by placing your energies onto it with your intent.  I have a very simple process that I give to my clients when they begin to work with crystals for support.  

Step 1: Clear and clean the crystal.  Using water to rinse the crystal, use your hands to remove any dirt or unwanted debris.  Afterward, just let the water run over the crystal.  When ready, please the crystal on a screen or plate on the ground and let the crystal dry in the sun.

Step 2: When the crystal is dry and ready to come into your home.  Pick up your crystal and thank the earth and sun for clearing all negativity, residue from previous owners, and unwanted energies from the stone.  

Step 3: Take the crystal into your hands, hold the crystal close to your heart, and evoke your intent.  You can use a prayer, a mantra, affirmation - whatever you feel the most powerful.  When in doubt, the Lord's Prayer is always a gem.

Step 4: (optional)  Use a small amount of sage to clear the space you will be placing the crystals and them to surround and activate your crystal.  This is optional for some people have no tolerance for sage smoke.  

Keep your space in order

It's important to have a living space clear of chaos when working with crystals.  I mentioned earlier in this article that crystals are amplifiers.  It's a very simple fact that I do not need to use a lot of words to cover.  When you have crystals in a space that is chaotic you amplify chaotic energies.  If you desire to benefit from crystals and plan to have a collection of power crystals in your home or workspace, do some spring cleaning before you activate and place them in your space.

Can you ever have too many crystals?

My gosh no.  I have been known to call myself the crazy cat lady of crystals.  There is no rule that says that you can not have lots and lots of crystals.  There is only one rule I want you to remember.  All crystals have their attributes and - like people - some crystals don't get along too well.  Be aware of the attributes of the crystals that you have playing together in your space so they can be as effective as possible aiding your end game.

The beauty of shapes

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, and collections.  All having their own special attributes that can enhance those the crystal already carries.  Have some fun when shopping for crystals, I like to think that they call to you when they are the crystal for you.  Be away, open, and ready to find the perfect stone for your needs when shopping for a crystal.  And when you feel the draw.  That crystal is for you!


Amethyst Geode Cathedrals displayed from Cosmic Cuts

I hope this very basic crystal information article was helpful, I will post more information in time to help you with your journey in crystal ownership.  If you have any questions please let me know.  In the meantime, enjoy your crystal exploration.

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