COVID-19 Support from the New Age Guild practitioners

Dear friends.  We are in the midst of an extraordinary event that has us all confused, concerned and perhaps even frightened.  As we work our way back to some normalcy during this pandemic, the practitioners of the New Age Guild would like to give our love and support to the community with a variety of events, activities and support programs.   Take a moment to look through our offerings from exercise, prayer & meditation, guidance and more.


Be healthy and safe during this difficult time. 


All these activities are offered for free to support you.  If you feel so inspired you are welcome to donate to support the production and management of these programs and the cost of the technical platforms.

Thank you 

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Panel of Mediums

Pandemic:  Spiritual Transformation Before, During & After COVID-19

A panel of renowned mediums come together to give their thoughts and messages concerning the whys of this world health event.  Here from the masters, Spirit, angelic realm and the Divine Source as they discuss the global ramifications and answer questions.

This is a rare event that may give insights, messages and more!  

Register in advance, for space, is limited.

Love in the Afternoon

2 days a week we gather to give short readings and healings to those in need during this pandemic.   Each week our team of gifted readers will bring their unique skills to you for free sessions to help ease stress, answer questions and heal participants - body, mind & spirit.  

Tuesday & Thursdays starting 4/9/2020

Bring your questions and healing needs for our talented practitioners to assist you with.

Self Care Beauty Panel

A unique and amazing panel of renowned professionals that will help you with taking care of YOU while managing your life sheltered in place.  From nutrition, fitness, skincare, and glamour.  These 4 ladies will bring you some relief from your lack of the spa, beauty shop and nail salon.  

Come with questions, a notepad and desire to keep your glamour on point!

Morning Gratitude & Prayer

Start your day off with a boost of joy and grounding with Angel as she takes you through a morning practice that will help you focus and maintain a space of positivity and joy during the global pandemic.  

Come ready to release.  You can bring prayer beads, crystals, sage... whatever will support you.

All are welcome!

Dance Fitness with Angel Thacker

Register in advance for each session

Afro-Belly Boogie with Angel - Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 pm



Afro-Belly Boogie, GG (Golden Goddess)

Low impact for active aging - Wednesdays 11 am 

Afro-Belly Boogie, Let's Dance with Angel - Saturdays 8:30 am 

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