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Join Our Team

Here at the New Age Guild we strive to create a site where practitioners experience visibility, growth and a place where they can enter 21st century engagement with 21st century clients, regardless of their technical knowledge or expertise.  We truly want to create community through loving networking, support and real business growth opportunities for our members.  A place that brings opportunity, learning and connectivity to them with ease and affordability!

For those who visit our site we are interested in creating state of the art information and practitioner access that matches in content the passion in support we bring to our site listers.  We currently feature radio, articles and email interaction and will be soon entering video streaming and both online and community events ... and more!

This is a state of the art portal for all things new age and will continuously work to remain right on the edge of that cutting edge and will grow as the community finds the need for more information, products, services and - most important - EXPERIENCE!  We are looking for individuals who would like to be a part of our growing company during this exciting start up period.

If you are passionate about all things new age and want to be a part of our growing phenomena, we would like to invite you to consider being a part of our team!

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