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Call out to Spiritual Freedom Fighters

By Sonic Nova

Posted April 27, 2020

Are you aware as to why our military forces have gone to war on behalf of this county?

It supposedly was to protect our Organic Constitution.

Our organic constitution is presently under massive attack, and piece by piece attempted to be stripped away from us Americans.


Local Sate Governors in their interregnum positions all across this country are attempting to strip everyone of all our liberties. By forcing people to wear a mask to go outside by this planned Virus epidemic that never happened. It doesn’t exist because the same amount of people died of the flue last year as the people that died of COVID19 and the flu.

  • This is precisely what the Germans did before WWII was in full swing to the German people, they forced the German Jewish people, the Polish people, the Russian people that were residing in Germany were forced into quarantine inside their homes. 

  • Then they forced all these people to put an armband with the Jewish star on their upper left arm to go shopping or go anywhere.

  • Then they robed all these people’s possession, especially their gold silver and fine jewelry. This war was about striping these people of all their gold and silver of all their assets.

  • Once they stole all their assets, they took all these people into the concentration camps.

  • Once at these concentration camps, they starved them tortured them.

  • Then they started the massacre of all these people in their prison camps.  

  • These criminals are the same Fascist perpetrators and predators back then as now. 

Now let’s examine what they have done most recently in 2020 globally with this FALSE FALG COVD19 virus that is just the flue to look at the similarities between the two: 

  • They globally put all people except for their own in quarantine inside our homes.

  • Now they are forcing all civilians to put a face mask around your nose and mouth to go shopping or go anywhere. Or they will fine people. First, if they do this and fine people, these criminal actions are being done under the color of law. This is Racketeering, Extorsion, and violating our organic constitution. 

  • These ignorant police officers or Sheriffs have never read the organic constitution and are taking orders from the wrong people. These are criminal actions under the color of law by law enforcement. By law enforcement following these statues, you are committing “High Treason” because every single one of you PUBLIC SERVANTS has taken an oath to our organic constitution. 

  • In many cases, these same Lawless law enforcement Officers/Public Servants are breaking into people’s homes such as the FEMA agents after evacuating people they have robed all these people’s possession, especially their gold silver and fine jewelry.

  • They have FEMA CAPMS, these prison camps all over this country. This is their next step! 

  • For now, this has not occurred in our country due too our Second Amendment. Remember, they attempted to get rid of it by creating False Flags of massive shooting trying over the last ten years. These false shootings were to get rid of gun owners for self-defense and get rid of the second amendment, another violation of our organic constitution these same criminals have sworn to uphold and protect, High Treason anyone? These actions have had the opposite effect. People instead went and got more significant arsenals. They did not buy the Bull plucky. Their plans are to take everyone to prison camps called FEMA camps. This will not happen in this country to many gun-toting constitutionalists.

  • All these FEMA prison camps have been funded by your tax dollars isn’t this wonderful NOT! Did any of us consent to them using our tax dollars to do this NO, NO, NO. Another Treasonous act on their behalf. 

  • Now, these criminals, by putting out this COVID19 virus intentionally, have attempted to bankrupt this country by not allowing people to work, small businesses and have mainly affected people that are living from hand to mouth from paycheck to paycheck while they have robbed us blind of all our assets over the last 100 years or so.  

  • In the past in these concentration camps they starved these people. Instead they are doing it this way and making 20 million people destitute and unemployed. 

  • I say Lawsuits against the FED GOV all of them and all Sate GOV’s is the minimum we need to do enforce, divest these criminals of the financial loses they have caused this country and its people by creating the virus and putting it out. 

  • This COVID19 virus was a planned-demic by the Rockefeller family over 10 years ago. Here’s the proof please watch this video

  • Now they want to vaccinate the entire global population and place a nano tracking device in the vaccines to track your every move like cattle. Except for themselves and their families right wink, wink. This is the poisoning of the global population.

  • Now their plan is for those people that rebel against these fascist criminals implementing their depopulation agenda in 2020. They are planning to massacre the population of this planet with our own armed forces COVID - FIRES & WATER - "Merging" Disasters NOW.

  • Back then, during WWII, they started the massacre of all these people in their prison camps.  

  • These criminals are the same Fascist family’s descendants the same perpetrators and predators back then as now.

My question to all of you, do you see the same game being played on a global scale? Play by play, they are duplicating their old moves, but now their camps are counties and states within these countries. 

It is critical for people of this country to take a stand against these fascist criminals.

Here as solutions as to what you can do to correct our Nation in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

You can start by changing your political status, STOP being a salve of the Queen of England and the Pope of Rome the Roman Empire is still alive and well since these criminals believe you to be their property = slaves. 


Join The American States Assembly it is imperative every single American join of any age to rid ourselves of these vermin.

Change your political status to what you indeed are: an American State National. Here is the website you can learn about who you really are and how to change your political status; it’s all there., More importantly, you need to know WHO the enemies on our shores are. Join this organization and watch this video please make it go viral 

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