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I have been a professional astrologer for 24 years and though self-taught my interest first began when I was still at High School. That interest became, over time, a burning quest to understand what made myself and others tick. A Diploma qualified management career initially ensued resulting in the role of an Operations Controller managing 800 people, followed by running my own small business consultancy. But astrology was like a clarion call, and eventually, I became compelled to study in greater depth before leaving business behind and taking the plunge as a professional astrologer.


My work is now distributed through 200 newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide including New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Bahrain, Canada and the USA. In the UK I write for The Metro Daily Newspaper and I am the lead astrologer for the UK Press Association. I have written for Chat and Pick Me Up and for 3 Mobile and Vodaphone. Clients have also included Proctor and Gamble and Leo Burnett. My work has also been translated into Russian and Spanish. My Horoscope videos have received 22 Million views. I am a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. Astrology may be derided by some, but I hope my background in a conventional business environment demonstrates that my move into astrology came from the sincerely held belief that astrology is a wonderful tool for greater personal understanding and the greater promotion of personal and inter-relationship harmony. Quite simply, it works. Many people who knock astrology don't truly know what it entails.


My favored charities are Cancer Research The Red Cross Concern I also have a longstanding interest in environmental issues and the Friends of the Earth. I live in the Medieval town of Shrewsbury, in the West Midlands where I have resided for 30 years. I have been a lifetime fan of the Swindon Town Football Club and Swindon Speedway. My other interests include cooking, walking, and music. I have also avidly followed modern jazz for many years and modern RNB. I married my wife, the beautiful Alyssa in January 2019, and have a wonderful son Jason, who is 40.




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