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This site was created as more than just a directory.  It is a resource for both seekers and practitioners.  As a working professional in the new age, holistic or metaphysical community, our founder spent more than 25 years navigating through the lessons of connecting to the community, building a professional image and gaining exposure to those who are looking for a practitioner to help them through their challenges.  Not just as a practitioner but also as a client.  Finding a psychic, healer or practitioner to work with can be difficult.


For most of us, finding the right practitioner can be difficult.  As times have evolved and the online community has become more vast, it has become even more confusing and difficult.  


Directories and search engines are everywhere!   Whom do you trust?  How do you search for someone that fits exactly what you're looking for?  This site was created as a resource for both practitioners and clients.  For those looking for a psychic, medium, healer or practitioner The New Age Guild is a hub to find a practitioner to fit your needs. 


The site is set up to make it easy for you!  Search by state, modality or use the convenient site search option to find a practitioner, article or event that may be useful for you.


What makes our site different?  

Although our founder is a psychic practitioner we are not a site that is focused on building up an individual practitioner's work.  You will not see an individual practitioner's name or work pushed through the site, promoting only their work or programs.  You will see many practitioners and we work hard to make sure all our practitioners have a valid presence in the community.  We work to give you access to a large variety of practitioners, information and resources for the new age enthusiast.  


Practitioners listed:


All listed practitioners will have a summary listing or page with easy access to their contact information.  They are all required to:

  • Have real names in their listings

  • Have professional websites

  • Have social media presence

  • Have a confirmed image of themselves

  • Work in the light, no dark energy work in their offerings

  • Some premier listings will be confirmed by our founder and panel of reviewers 


Visitor Access

Access to the site is free for visitors to find a practitioner and to review all information within.  We have no fees to search for and connect to practitioners listed on our site.  Site visitors will be able to:


  • Search the site and connect with as many practitioners as often as they like; 

  • Receive the guild newsletter; 

  • Attend online events and activities; 

  • Find out about events in their community; And more!


All for no fees or charges.  The guild is always free to the public to visit, engage with and utilize.  As the site grows you will find more practitioners and content.  Come back often and share with your friends! 



What will you find in the guild?

Practitioners:  We offer the opportunity for practitioners to list their services and events here for you to browse.  You will find our list grows monthly and we work to give you a quality collection of practitioners to select from.


Information:  Our member practitioners include some of the world’s leading experts in their fields and they are invited to write articles and share information to help the new age/metaphysical/holistic enthusiast stay informed.


Bookstore listings:  The new age bookstore is slowly vanishing in our community and part of our mission to help keep our community links alive and thriving.  You are invited to submit new bookstores and seek new stores as you travel.  All basic bookstore links are free.


Chats: We host chats featuring listed practitioners that you are invited to participate in.  This will give you the opportunity to get to know practitioners listed on the site as you decide whom to work with.



Classes: Classes, workshops and other learning opportunities in areas of interest are offered by our Master Practitioners.

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